The Commercial Bank of Grayson began business in early 1891, filling a void as Grayson had no financial institution. On May 1, 1891, the bank’s first available statement of condition showed total assets of $15,882.70. The need for the bank and its acceptance by the community was demonstrated by its early success. The first cash dividend was paid to stockholders on June 2, 1894. Since that date, a cash dividend has been paid every year. No additional stock has ever been sold; increases have come through retained earnings.

Twenty–six local citizens invested in the original capital stock of the bank, the original Directors of the bank included Winfield Scott, Dr. A.T. Henderson, J. W. Hord, Mrs. Oliva A. Prichard, J. W. Burnett, R. M. Reid, Joseph Rupert, Jr., and Dr. John Wilson Strother. Dr. Strother was the principal stockholder and became the Chairman of the bank’s first Board of Directors and the bank’s first president. He was an active physician, farmer and lay preacher. Dr. Strother served as bank president until his death on January 8, 1935. In addition to Dr. Strother, the bank’s original employees included Winfield Scott-Cashier and W. H. Mitchell-Assistant Cashier.

Since the bank began business during the term of Benjamin Harrison, it has served its customers continuously. The doors of The Commercial Bank have remained open thru recessions, money panics, and the Great depression. The Commercial Bank has continued to provide its customers with a wide array of financial services. Times have changed and so have the products desired by, and made available to, our customers. The Commercial Bank has remained at the forefront of the financial industry’s modernization in order to better serve current customers and attract new ones. Today, after more than a century the bank remains independent and locally-owned, as well as being Grayson’s second oldest business.

Since Dr. Strother’s term as bank president, four others have served in the same capacity including Wick H. Strother (1935-1956), Jack W. Strother (1956-1982), Jack W. Strother, Jr. (1982-2013) and Mark D. Strother (2013-present). The bank’s current Board of Directors includes Jack W. Strother, Jr. (Chairman); Linda Arnett; John Jordan; Willie D. Patton; Samuel J. Perry; David Price; and Mark D. Strother. Directors Emeriti are Mary Blanche Jungers and Von Loy Kiser. The bank’s executive officers include Mark D. Strother, President & CEO; Cynthia L. Hill, Vice President & Chief Operations Officer; Hilma Harned, Vice President. The executive officers work with a staff of 55 professionals whose top priority today remains the same as it was in 1891 - quality service for their customers and communities.

The original bank was located at what is now 102 West Main Street, Grayson. On April 11, 1892, The Commercial Bank moved to what is now 106 E. Main Street, Grayson and remained at that location for 89 years. On November 23, 1981 the bank’s Main Office moved to 208 E. Main Street Grayson. The Commercial Bank’s first branch opened on January 5, 1976 at 109 N. Carol Malone Boulevard, Grayson. On December 3, 1987, The Commercial Bank acquired the former Peoples Bank of Olive Hill, thus enabling the bank to better serve the western part of Carter County.